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 Introducing Intimacy UniversityI am ready.  I am willing.  And I am ready to participate in this unique curriculum so that I may fully embody my true radiance, clarity,  joy, communication artistry, be a creator of love in any moment… and by doing so, inspire the RIGHT man into devotion. I understand that there are over $200 worth of FREE BONUSES that I will receive just for participating.Here, once again, is the Complete Curriculum…  (If you have any questions about how to make the most of any session, please start writing them down now. My team of coaches and I are committed to helping you dissolve every obstacle that may ever arise)
  • Class #1:  How To Effortlessly Radiate Love and Beauty:  We also call this class “Project Irresistible” – embodying your unique personal expression – in a way that men fall over themselves to experience.   We teach men to always look to connect outer beauty to inner beauty – what they consciously desire to what they subconsciously crave)  — and we will show you multiple ways of embodying these two together.
  • Class #2:  Clarifying Your Inspiring Romance “Why” Vision:  No one does this – to their detriment!   In this workshop, we will work through a series of exercises that will help you articulate your love/intimacy vision, and what you are committed to do to create it.  It will be your “love potion #9” when a man asks you what you are “looking for.” You will inspire him like no woman he’s ever met – and raise the discussion to a whole new level.
  • Class #3: Online Dating Profile Workshop:  Send us your profiles and we will use them – - as many as we can fit into 90 minutes – use to demonstrate – how to take a mediocre profile and make it shine. We will show you how to filter through the thousands of men to identify, attract and inspire the RIGHT man for you – based on his character rather than mere “characteristics… We will show you how to evoke all “13 Victories” men are ACTIVELY  searching for, and the 8 red-flags for you to watch out for.
  • Class #4: Choosing The Right Matching Personality Types:  This is essential – and will save you years of pain, trouble and tears.  Based in Jungian psychology and developed over the last 70 years, you will learn the 4 personality types which one you are and EXACTLY which type is best for you.
  • Class #5:  Cultivating The Heroic in Your Man:  In this class, we go in-depth into the 8 Qualities of the Heroic Man and how you can trigger his devotion to you by recognizing and rewarding his heroic core. This week is absolutely essential for creating durable passion devotion and gratitude in your man! And it’s so simple, once you know it.
  • Class #6:  Releasing The Past:  In this session, we are going to give you the BEST IN CLASS exercises -daily techniques to help you shed any negative self-talk, self-doubt or self-limitation, so you can bring yourself to your man fully.
  • Class #7: Creating Your Social Funnel:  This class has two parts… First, practical conversational techniques so that you know can walk into any room, social, business or otherwise and know that you can meet and connect with anyone, both flirt and get to their core quickly and second – how to create a social funnel so that your type of men enter your life effortlessly – giving you the pick of the litter.
  • Class #8:  How To Co-Create a Conscious and Happy Relationship:  Here, we walk you through the best methods of how to co-create a relationship with clarity of vision and rules of the game that support your co-vision.   This will save you untold anguish, as you will create an intimacy that supports and nourishes both of you, according to your unique needs and desires. If clarity, honesty, mutual respect and mutual celebration are important to you, you don’t want to miss this class – it’s the best, quickest and most practical reference guide you’ll ever find…
  • Class #9: Conflict into Cuddling:  Building off the last class’s lessons, here you get the best methods to turn what could spin out into egoic retreat, lashing out and damaging fights into an opportunity to grow your respect and love for each other.  We have boiled down the best of the best processes for you by the best of the best relationship writers in the world and added some fun flavor of my own.  I fully expect you to call me and thank me and send me nice bottles of Italian reds one day, when you watch how effectively you can ward off conflict and magnify love instead.
  • Class #10:  – The Light and Dark of Connected Sexual Heat:  How to create a spiritually and deeply emotional sexual intimacy between you and your eventual beloved. No matter your age or experience, you will discover here how to turn the spiritually-connected heat up to 11, and keep it there. He will NEVER look back!  From breathing and eye contact practices right up to bringing out the most devotional lover in him by subtly teaching him how to pleasure you – in physical-emotional-spiritual presence, you will give yourself and him a gift that will only grow with time.
  • BONUS CLASS: Your Priorities:  In this final session, we will answer whatever questions you have left over – ANYTHING on dating, eros, flirtation, forgiveness, transformational practices.  This is the session where we all break open our libation of choice (Chardonnay works), and  we will bring you whatever information or resource you need to bring you more swiftly and more confidently into the love and intimacy you desire…
 BONUS #1: The Right Man Online + Audiobook ($67 Value)

Learn how to filter for, attract, and inspire the devotion of the Right Man – in language that will capture his heart, fire up his hope, and cause him to write you, and beg to ask you out. This program usually sells for $67 – it is yours FREE when you enroll in The Intimacy University.

 BONUS #2: The Right Man Forever ($47 Value)The Right Man Forever is your lifetime secret handbook of how to assure that you get what you dream of in a relationship – while helping him feel he is getting what he’s always dreamed of. Included are essential techniques to turn any conflict into new springboards for mutual respect, admiration, and love. This sells each and every day for $47 – but it’s yours FREE when you enroll in The Intimacy University.
 BONUS #3: Complimentary 1-on-1 Love Strategy Coaching Call with Intimacy University Faculty Coach – Value: $300 
BONUS #4: Special Bonus Trainings Valued at over $400

  • Training #1: The Attractor Factor: 7 Simple Steps for Attracting and Keeping the Love That You Want From one of my favorite long-lasting couples, the extraordinary teachers, Otto and Susie Collins… Value $47 Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #2  The Four Essential Principles of Being a Sensually Empowered Mojolicious Woman Deborah is a close friend and confidante, who worked with me when I produced several David Deida workshops, and who understands what it means to be deliciously, sensually embodied as a woman.  Deborah is the Queen of Mojo – and you will love this free bonus today. Value $37 Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #3: Stroke By Stroke Michael Webb “The Romantic” As seen on Oprah, has kindly contributed this e-book guide to more satisfying sex and connection.  I just spent a week with Michael and his adorable family in New Zealand and I can tell you, he knows how to make his woman happy – and with products like these, it seems she is well “armed” Value: $27 Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #4: Get a Great Guy Guide From my friend, M. Summers, you get the “down and dirty” guide from the voice of experience on how NOT to waste your time on the wrong men (one of favorite subjects!) Value: $37 Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #5 “Word Poison!  16 Words and Phrases That KILL Relationship!” Special Report Nadine Piat-Niski is the world-renowned dating coach down under who has offered  us this special cautionary book for you!  She’s a close and wonderful friend – smart as a whip -  and is this book is a great preparation for our Intimacy University Class #8: Conflict into Cuddling.  Necessary stuff for your happiness! Value Infinite! Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #6: An Exclusive “Matchmatrix ™ Compatability Guide This unique will give you extraordinary guidance into finding the Right person for you, someone you can trust and someone you can love in an intimacy that lasts.  From my friend, Larry Michel, who has guided tens of thousands into deep and fulfilling relationships. Value: Infinite Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #7: How To Speak “Man”  A Video Lesson from David Wygant, one of America’s Leading Dating Coaches – a guide to what men mean and they (really) want. Value: Infinite Today: Yours for Free!
  • Training #8 – The 3 Mistakes That Make Men Vanish World- renowned Dating Coach is giving you her three part video series on the most common mistakes women make.  Marni is warm and wonderful and I’ll be attending her wedding this summer! So she knows of what she speaks. Value: Infinite Today: Yours for Free!


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    Q: What is The Intimacy University and how does it work?
    A: Intimacy University is a master class for women who want to learn how to take their innate value, deepen their radiance, clarify their vision for the intimacy they are devoted to create, and clear all the obstacles, internal and external, that are keeping a durable, ever evolving, mutual celebratory devotional love from arriving in and suffusing their lives.


    Q: What If I am unsatisfied?
    If you find that you are not learning enough, I more than happily will refund you your investment in this course any time in the first 30 Days.  My goal is to make you a better woman and I only want to get paid when I am delivering to you.  Actually – when I am over-delivering.  So – if are unsatisfied with your purchase at any time within 30 days, you can get a 100% refund – no questions asked. Just email and we will take care of you right away.


    Q: Will the strategies work for women of any age?
    Yes. These strategies and practices deal with the fundamental, psychological makeup of both masculine and feminine neurology, as well as socialization and takes into consideration the stage and core dominant needs of every stage of the life cycle.


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